About Me

I carved out a niche reporting on health, tech, and science. In 2021, I was awarded an MIT Tech Review fellowship, where I am reporting on how technology addresses COVID inequalities. Building on a diverse entrepreneurial career in design, finance, and tech, I write about unabashedly bold visionaries and disruptors who use technology to improve health and extend lives. My passions lie in robotics, virtual reality, neuroscience, and the chemistry of gastronomy. Notably, I am fully present, operating on all cylinders when on the page lifting up marginalized voices or shining a light on good people doing extraordinary things. 


I came to media via the tech world. I'm best known for my role in the formation of XOOM (XMCM), a global top 10 website, where I was a founding shareholder. After mentoring and leading many startups, I spent six years studying writing. In 2020, I graduated from The New School's Creative Writing MFA Program with a degree in Nonfiction, building on my  Bachelor's degree in Written Arts from Bard College. While at Bard, I founded WRITE ON!, a Bard College initiative that provides free creative writing workshops for female survivors of domestic abuse and adults facing homelessness.